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Comments from the attendees' of the 1998 HairBall in 
Kansas City, MO

I had a WONDERFUL time at the hair ball. I was honored to meet the other artists and share stories with them. I was in HEAVEN at all the hairwork that was there to look at and admire or to purchase. I was impressed with  the information we all shared. Most of all I enjoyed the camaraderie we had. It was nice to visit with others who's eyes light up at the word hairwork. I noticed how we all love hairwork for the same reasons and for different reasons  too. I want to personally thank EVERYONE for coming and making this a most memorable event.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

The only suggestions I have for next time are possibly allowing more time to visit. If everyone stayed at the same hotel, we could start on Friday. We were all trying to see, hear and do so much all at once, it was like being in a whirlwind (or an explosion.) Anyway, I wanted more time to talk with everyone.
Maybe I just didn't want it to end at all........
Nancy Robertson

Let me first congratulate you on an absolutely wonderful first conference-I know first hand how much work went into the event and that your efforts were quite successful. I believe that others in attendance would almost certainly agree, and I am greatly looking forward to the 2nd Hairball-after you've had a rest, of course.

Cyd Baker



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