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Welcome to the Victorian Hairwork Society
This site has been developed online for the purpose of networking anyone who is interested in the art of hairwork.
 It is an internet based society. Everything we offer can be found on this website

Victorian Hairwork Society mission statement

To provide an organization to bring together people
who are interested in the art of hairwork.
To create an atmosphere for promoting and learning about the art. To promote and provide accurate information about the history, heritage, preservation, restoration, and continuation of all types of hairwork so that it can be elevated to it’s rightful place
as a folk art.

There is no longer a membership fee.
If you have something interesting to post on this site, please contact Marlys Fladeland hairtrade@hairwork.com
If you want a free link to your work please let me know.
If you wish to sell your collection or your art please email me for details.


  • First HAIRBALL 1998 What a great beginning
    We had our second HAIRBALL,1999  it was a great success!
    HAIRBALL 2000 also great fun and interest interesting.

We do hope that you will participate in the growth of this organization with
your stories.
Tell us how you became a collector, dealer or artist.
What interested you in the art.

Please submit any information you have about hairwork including photo's.
We want resources and stories.
All information you have about hairwork is valued.

Marlys Fladeland
Victorian Hairwork Society

Check out this crown made of human hair
click on picture

Wedding Crown