Cleaning and Care of Horsehair Jewelry


  • Small quantity of mild liquid shampoo.
  • Soft bristle toothbrush or clean eyebrow brush.
  • Bowl
  • Absorbant paper towel


Prepare bowl with warm water and add a small quantity of liquid shampoo. Swish the jewelry around the solution (do not soak). Brush to clean any stones and metal. Rinse in warm running water to remove all soap residue. Remove excess water with paper towel and set aside to dry on a clean dry surface.



There are many examples of 125 years old hair jewelry that is still in excellent condition. So with reasonable care your horsehair jewelry will give you many years of enjoyment.

Avoid wearing your fine jewelry when gardening, doing barn work, climbing fences, roping, or any hard, rough work. It is perfectly acceptable to wear hair jewelry doing routine office work, shopping and socializing.

Chlorine will react with gold and over a period of time can cause excessive discoloration. Never take gold jewelry into swimming pools or hot tubs.

Remove your jewelry if you will be using strong chemicals. Horsehair rings are especially susceptible to hair damage because your hands may be involved with most rough jobs. Ware gloves if you must keep your rings on while doing rough work.

Examine your jewelry frequently for scratches, cracks, missing prongs, missing stones or weak spots. Almost any metal damage can be repaired. Suzanne can repair certain types of damaged hair but if it cannot be repaired then it certainly can be replaced.

Call Suzanne Storms for any questions on cleaning or care of your horsehair jewelry.

With our horsehair jewelry there is no problem getting the hair wet. You can wash your hands wearing our rings, shampoo our jewelry, shower with
them, etc. But, it will depend on the glue used to fasten the hair to the ring. Our glue is not affected by water or high temperatures.





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