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Hairwork-Sell your Hair, 
For sale-instructions for the art of HAIRWORK

History of Lockets and daily use
ashes and hair
Angela Kirkpatrick
Silver and hairwork artist-
Kimberley Ebbeck

Under Glass Victorian Obsession
BOOK by John Whitenight

Hair Embroidery
Masako Takahashi

Embroidery with Hair  Kate Kretz
Hair work in art-Leah Brown
Leather, Hairwork and Whimsy

Hair Loom Treasures -Horsehair jewelry

Kathy Miller-artist-
Object-oriented materials
and discrete items of interest in two-
and three-dimensional pieces

Pearl Heneghan Hair Drawings

Hair Embroidery Artist-Jennifer Perry WOW!
Some great links to other artists- Must see!

 Myrans Hemslöjd,  English Speaking 
Hairwork Jewelry catalogue and much more.

Victorian Hair Artist

Leila's Hairwork-
Museum 1000's of item made of hair

Ruth Gordon

Suzanne Storm's Gallery-
Custom Horsehair Jewelry

Anna Sparr-
English speaking Hair Artist
Erica Borbos-English speaking Hair Artist
Lucy's Hairwork

If you are a hair artist and wish to be listed here.
Please contact me. Marlys

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