A talented horsehair jewelry maker.

Hi Marlys -
It is so good to hear from you. We have been doing very well and I must say that a lot of this was due to the inspiration and motivation provided by you and several of the girls. Without your group we may not have got started.  Suzanne is now working 16 hours a day to meet her commitments for Christmas and the work throughout the year is steady. We love this because of the people (and horses) we meet. It also gives us a chance to get around.

Occasionally we get requests from someone to work with human hair. We have refereed  them to your web site to search out one of the hairwork artists. We don't know who they are nor would we want to favor one artist over another. We have never meet a hairwork artist other than the girls at your events. They are certainly a rare breed.

Suzanne has made several engagement rings and wedding bands using horsehair. Horse owners love their horses. We go to 12 events a year and after four years Suzanne is now getting recognized as a the weaver of horsehair. This weave is much more elegant than braiding and looks good in our settings. She has woven hair from some of the great horses including Smarty Jones, winner of the 2004 KY Derby.

Because the horsehair is thicker and stiffer the setup for weaving is different that that used for human hair. Not many of the weaves used for human hair can be applied to horsehair jewelry. For Suzanne to have several setups would make the each job more difficult so as a result she will not work with human hair.

I am happy to assist Suzanne in her venture. I do the web site, brochures, and the booth displays. I am retired and have no intentions of sitting at home. Suzanne has also retired from the hospital work to  put all her efforts into hair weaving.

I have to further mention that although the weaving can be accomplished by most talented individuals, it does require much money and a commitment to produce the elegant findings designed by Suzanne. They are of fine quality because we only use the best jewelers (another art form that is being lost as these wonderful individuals pass on to the great gem in the sky) and use the finest precious metals and stones. The new ideas keep coming and as a result we are constantly adding new pieces to our collection (costing more money). We also do a lot of custom work and design special pieces for the clients. Some of these can be seen on the Custom Gallery on our web site (unfortunately I am way behind in putting up more).  Suzanne is committed to produce the finest horsehair jewelry ever (we probably have the world's largest collection of horsehair jewelry - ha). We were also fortunate to be able to start making a little money after 3 years and soon we should be able to draw a salary. The future does look promising as the word of Suzanne's work reaches the masses. Often this process of new business start-up takes 5 years. We would probably have starved to death if we had to rely on this to make a living. But we love it and will continue on for many more years.


Suzanne Storms
Box 262
Whippany, NJ 07981

Email - Suzanne@SuzanneStorms.com
Web Site - http://www.SuzanneStorms.com



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