Do not think your piece is hair?


It may be thread or yarn of some kind. Maybe linen thread, maybe cotton.

If it is embroidery,  It may be a form of embroidery known as filet guipure or net darning


    The final analysis of your thread is this:
    Take a straight pin and lift up some of the yarn and remove it.
     Place it in a Pyrex dish or on heavy aluminum foil.
     Burn it with a lighted match.
     Cotton - burns completely - no ash
     Linen - Fibers blacken and stay black.
     Silk - fuses into a black ball
     Rayon - part disappears, part stays black - no fused ball.
     Wool and hair - burn with a sputter. Have odor of burning hair. Fuses black like silk does

Presented by :     Shirley Sue Swaab

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