1881 Woven Hair Ring
Need information about this unique ring - 

15kt gold, pearls, black enamel and finely woven human hair
with hall marks and engraving inside shank. 
Why was it made? What are the hallmarks?
Can you help me with information? 
Thanks so much for any info you can give me.
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Greetings from England!
I have several pieces or mourning and hairwork jewellery in my collection
-well one of them, that is.
I saw your beautiful ring on the VHS homepage and thought I could give
you some information about it.
1. It's a mourning ring. When someone died they often left a sum of money
to friends and relations to buy a ring in their memory. Yours looks as if there
is an inscription inside - it usually gives their name and dates.
2. The stamped marks are British hallmarks. I can see it is 18 carat gold and
it was made in Birmingham, England - that is the anchor mark. It's about 17
miles from where I live (Wolverhampton). The other is a makers mark.
3. It is black enamel and pearls - a popular combination, black for mourning
and pearls for tears. The words look like 'In memory of', the name being inscribed
on the inside of the ring. I've seen quite a few brooches too with the same
combination of materials and words. In fact I have one!
Hope this helps
Leslie Harris (Mr)


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